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No Rest For The Mommies is a fun lifestyle blog for the tired but trendy mother. Here you’ll find info on everything from parenting, marriage/relationships, budgeting, style, and all things entertainment.

Being a mother is a full time job and we at No Rest For The Mommies know how precious free time can be. Our goal is to be your one stop blog for when you do get a moment to yourself. Stay up to date with the newest trends in entertainment and style. Get an unbiased, nothing-but-the-facts account of news accounts and politics here. Parenting, relationship, and budgeting tips and tricks of the trade are mainstays. We also welcome guest posts!


No Rest For The Mommies is the brainchild of Lauren Michelle. Lauren is the mother of 10 month old Madeline (usually called Madi), loving wife of T.C., and a stay at home mom. Lauren had been warned about the lack of private time after a baby but was totally unprepared for the isolating feeling that can come with motherhood. She was often out of the loop when it came to knowing what was going on in popular culture, grew weary of all the contradicting baby and marriage¬†facts and opinions online, and frankly didn’t have time to surf the web to find everything she wanted.

Thus No Rest For The Mommies was born! Lauren and the rest of the team here hope that we can save mothers everywhere a little bit of time by putting all facets of womanhood under one digital roof.

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