Figuring Out Your Child’s Natural Rhythm

My daughter is a jokester. She loves to play peekaboo and make funny noises. She is also as perfectly content playing with herself as she is when playing with others. She is a typical, happy baby.

But she also needs at least 1 nap during the day to be able to sleep at night. On days when she is having a lot f pain from teething, she likes to eat a little bit more and needs extra cuddles. She likes TV but it is mostly the music that holds her attention, not the pictures on the screen.

Madeline has a natural rhyme and rhythm to her that it took me a while to figure out. Our days go by much more smoothly now that I better understand her likes, wants, and needs.

It goes without saying that all children are different. So why in the world does our society insist on treating all of them the same?

I don’t know if there has been a baby boom in recent years or if I’m just at that age where everyone around me are starting families. It is next to impossible to not compare myself, my parenting choices, and even Madi with others and their children.

I do not believe in parent shaming. I do not believe that there is only one right way in bringing up a child. But I see more and more that parents are leaning into this way of thinking. Every mother I know is in a hurry to teach their child to read, write, and speak as early as possible.

This is great but I personally do not believe that this is the way to go. Learn about your child. Study your babies and see what they like, what they need first. Then you will be better able to help them grow.

Children will not learn if they are unhappy or in distress. How can you sit your child in front of a TV screen and expect them to learn when it turns out your child hates the program.