The Number 1 Fix For A Boring Relationship


Every couple has been there. It’s been a few years and you’ve grown comfortable. You both still adore each other but there’s nothing new. No new spark, nothing to match the excitement of the magic you felt when you first fell in love. So what do you do?

It’s a easy fix really. To recreate those first feelings of something¬†new and exciting, you have to do something new and exciting! Do something together that is out of the norm for you both. Get your adrenaline up and those endorphins pumping.

It can be something adventurous and outdoorsy. Try white water rafting, sky diving, scuba diving, mountain climbing. Really whatever floats your boat works.

Or if that’s too extreme for you, try a dance class, attend a play, take a cooking class, go on a hike, a bike ride,¬†or (my favorite) go to a nearby amusement park. Really anything new and different will work.

According to Professor Arthur Aron of Stony Brook University and research cited in the New York Times and Business Insider, couples who spent time together doing something felt more satisfied in their relationships than couples who did not. It did not take much either. The couples in the study only spent 90 minutes a week doing the new activities.

Some of the activities I mentioned might be a little extreme for some but I figured why not cross some items off of your bucket list while your at it. But all it takes is a scary roller coaster ride or a long hike through the park to get that good old feeling back.