Why I Am Giving Up My Smartphone (And You Should Too!!)

My husband and I have Samsung Galaxies and we love them. Maybe a little too much actually. I love the darn thing so much that it’s almost impossible for me to put it down.

When I wake up in the morning the first thing I usually see is my darling daughter’s beautiful smiling face. I pick her up and cuddle for a little while before feeding her. The second thing I do is whip out my cell phone and check the news.

At work I can often be found scrolling through Pinterest when it gets slow. I have even been scolded once or twice for missing a customer come in because I was too busy staring at my screen to see them. My addiction is so bad that I even have the nerve to get annoyed by their interruption. My customer service skills are definitely lacking in this regard.

I am proud to say that I do not text and drive. I am not confident enough in my driving to ever risk that, thank goodness. The most I will do is change the song playing on Spotify.

When I get home I greet my husband and baby, but it isn’t long before I tire of crawling around on the floor with Madi and out comes the phone again. I will often keep playing but when the phone is out, Madi never has my full attention.

Now, as a working mother, I cherish all of the time that I have with Madeline. I wish I could stay at home with her, in fact this blog is my attempt at creating some extra income so I can become a stay at home mother within a few years. So, why am I squandering my precious time with my baby girl?

Smartphones are addictive. I don’t care what anyone says, they are. I know that I can’t be the only mother who does this. And if you do and you don’t feel like it’s a problem, then great. But for me I know that I am not even half as productive as I could be if I was not constantly on the phone.
I have a five year plan. It’s a little overzealous but doable if I really put my mind to it. But I will never be able to get anything done if I keep spending all of my free time on the phone.

So my new goal is to get rid of the phone. I know I don’t have the willpower to resist the internet if it’s always so accessible. So I’m going to go back to having a phone that is for making calls and texting only. More time with my baby girl, more time to devote to writing, and less time wasted taking Buzzfeed quizzes. Can’t beat that!