The Best Grocery Store Ever!!

A cart full of food for around 70 dollars. I am not exaggerating either. My husband and I recently discovered Aldi’s and could not believe our eyes when we saw the prices.

The store may not be all that aesthetically pleasing and not everything is name brand but I could not care less. A box of knockoff Kraft mac and cheese is only 33 cents. Eggs are 45 cents. Milk is 99 cents. Thick cut pork chops are 99 cents per pound. And to be honest, it all tastes better than the name brand food at the big supermarkets!

The only catch is that you have to bag your items yourself. This isn’t even an inconvenience for us, because we like our food bagged in a specific way. We never have to worry about our eggs being carelessly packed again.

The very best part of Aldi is their baby products brand, Little Journey. I absolutely love their diapers, wipes, and baby food pouches! No where else have I been able to find quality diapers at this price. They are soft, super absorbent, and fit Madeline comfortably. The wipes are soft, not too wet (which I have noticed with some other brands), and thick.

The organic baby food pouches are only 79 cents. I’m not going to lie. I got curious and tasted some of them before I fed Madi and was pleasantly surprised. They were quite yummy! The pouches are comparable to Gerber and are USDA certified organic. Full of nutrients for half the price of the big name brands. I’ll take it!

Switching to Aldi was one of the best money saving decisions my husband and I made in a long time. After comparing how much we used to spend versus how much we spend on groceries now. We are saving well over 200 dollars a month!

The good news: Aldi’s is expanding. Aldi’s is one of the fastest growing grocery chains in the US. If there isn’t an Aldi’s in your area yet there will be one soon. They are currently undergoing an expansion that rivals Walmart’s recent growth. So get your paper bag packing up to par and get ready to save!