Why Do Some Celebrity BreakUps Hurt More Than Others?

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt announced they are separating and twitter exploded. “Love is dead” was the most recurring theme to emerge after the announcement. Usually referred to as “relationship goals” and one of the most relatable couples in Hollywood, the Pratts’ breakup seemed to surprise us all.

While they were not the first celebrity couple to break up this year, they were one of the few couples to “break the internet” with their news and devastate millions of fans. But why? Why do we take some celebrity breakups harder than others?

We follow the celebrities for years and can often begin to feel personally invested in their relationships. These are the couples whose breakups we really take to heart.We saw their movies, watched their TV shows, and bought their albums. Of course we became invested. In the Pratts’ case their journey to Hollywood superstardom was reported on everywhere. It was next to impossible not the root for them.

Secondly, we often forget that these are real people and not the characters they portray. I loved Andy Dwyer on Parks and Rec. Anna Faris will always be the adorable Shelley from the House Bunny to me. Imagining those two married and raising a little boy together is hilarious, and would be TV gold. These two became famous for playing the same kind of goofy characters that are easy for the audience to adore. Its not uncommon for breakups of comedic couple to get this kind of response. Remember when Will Arnett and Amy Poehler divorced? I still feel gutted about their breakup.

Lastly, in these days of rampant none stop social media, everyone feels pressured to seem perfect. Celebrities, I imagine, feel this pressure twice as much as the average joe does. The Pratts’ seemed so happy. The lovey-dovey interviews, cute exchanges on Twitter, and perfect pictures on the red carpet all gave the impression of the love story to end all love stories. But what the public doesn’t see is what can make or break a marriage. We don’t see the everyday actions that all couples struggle with. We just see the glitz and the glam and take it at face value. They look happy so they must really be happy.

So, long story short, although we do not personally know these people – sometimes it can feel like we do. We have watched their relationships’ progress throughout the years and oohed and awed at their pictures and sweet quotes about each other. It’s normal to feel heartbroken after some celebrity breakups. So don’t feel too weird if you shed a tear or two for the Pratts. I can assure you, with the way the Twitterverse exploded you weren’t the only one.