My Worst Parenting Mistake (So Far!!)

Mistake after mistake after mistake. There are some days where it feels like I’ve somehow given birth to the most perfect being on the planet and I know exactly how to take care of her. Then there are the more frequent days when Madi has been hollering at the top of her lungs for two hours straight and for the life of me I can’t figure out why. Every parent has made mistakes. Not a day will go by where something doesn’t go wrong; whether it’s forgetting the diaper bag or something more serious.

I love my baby girl dearly and want to be the best mama I can be. But, like I said, sometimes things just go wrong. Thank goodness my worst parenting mistake did not end in disaster but it still sets my teeth on edge whenever I think of it.

The hubbie is a night owl. He often can’t fall asleep until 2 or 3 am, no matter how hard he tries. Somehow this habit works for our lil family however. Since he stays home with Madi during the day and I work part time, I secretly relish that we get some alone when we co sleep.

Madi and I cuddle up together in our full size bed and snore in harmony. Have you ever seen those adorable pics of the child sleeping next to their parent (usually their father) and they are both fast asleep in the same position? Well, that isn’t us.

Madi is the worst bed hog ever. She starts off all cute and cuddly and then kicks and scurries her way into the middle of the bed and then lays spread eagle after shoving her blankets against the wall. My butt and feet are usually freezing since I wake up with it hanging over the edge. And to make matters worse, poor Madi isn’t sleeping through the night yet. She usually wakes up twice to eat and at least once more to cuddle.

Now this brings me to a question maybe some other mothers can help me with? Peeing!! Even before having Maid I would have to get up in the middle of the night to pee. Crawling over my poor husband to get out of bed had become part of our nightly routine (now that I think about it, this might be part of the reason he prefers to sleep on the couch lol). But after giving birth, my bladder seems to have a mind of its own at night.

Sometimes I feel like I’m holding back Niagara Falls and other times it’s just a few drops. Someone explain this sorcery to me? Or better yet, tell me how to make it stop.

So anyway, back to my worst parenting moment yet (you probably know where I’m going with this). When nature calls I usually get out of bed as quietly as I can and tiptoe to the door. I mean I move so slowly that Catherine Zeta Jones in Entrapment has nothing on me. I could get through those lasers easy! I always make sure to put pillows and some of the blanket on the edge of the bed as a barrier before I go.

One night after waking up and feeding her twice I felt the urge. So I got up like normal, created my little makeshift barrier and crept to the bathroom. This is where I made my big mistake. I was so tired that I almost dozed off on the toilet! I sat there for a few minutes, just zoned out, when I heard a massive thud and poor Madeline wailing at the top of her lungs. She had crawled over my pillows and fallen off the bed!!

I raced back into the bedroom as fast as I could! The pillows and our comforter was in a pile on the floor with Madeline in the middle, shrieking for all she was worth. I immediately burst into tears as I picked her up and that set her off more. I held her close and tried to comfort her while I looked at her head, arms, and legs for injuries. She seemed unscaved but I woke my husband up and had him check her too, just in case.

She turned out to be fine, just frightened but I was terrified by what could have happened. I guess in the long run, this isn’t an unheard of mistake. It was definitely a learning experience. I swear my hearing improved drastically since that night. If I have to go to the restroom again while Madi is sleeping, I wake my husband and have him watch her for the few minutes I am gone.

The most important thing I learned though is that mistakes happen and our kids are made to handle some bumps and bruises. Again, I thank God, that Madi wasn’t hurt. She was around 7 months old at the time, so maybe that made a difference. But it did help me see that she wasn’t as fragile as I thought.

I am extra careful now and still treasure our bedtime when it comes. Mistakes happen but hopefully this is one that I will never repeat.