Why I Don’t Post Many Pictures of My Daughter


Madi is absolutely beautiful. And I’m not just saying that. And before some well wishing but slightly ignorant person says it’s because she’s mixed race, that’s not why either. She’s beautiful just because she is.

She has the prettiest smile and the deepest dimples I’ve ever seen. We can’t go anywhere in public without someone stopping us and cooing over her, rather embarrassingly I might add. I’ve been asked multiple times why I don’t try to get her into modeling. I’ll tell them the same thing I’ll tell you.

Unfortunately, this world isn’t the same world I grew up in. The internet is the single most important invention of the 20th century. We have access to the answer of almost any question we could ask right in the palm of our hand. We can talk to someone on the other side of the Earth without ever leaving our bedroom. But with this marvelous invention comes consequences.

Yes, there are evil pedophiles online but there are also the nasty people who lurk on blogs and web pages with the sole intention of trolling. There are the perfectionists who look at pictures of children and have no problem with naming every “flaw” they see.

But the main reason I do not is because I have a tendency to compare my life with others. I don’t care what the celebrities and Instagram models and Pinterest perfect mothers tell you. Nothing on the internet is real. If you see a perfectly polished, put together toddler there was most likely a screaming fit to get them that way beforehand.

But it’s easy to forget that last part. It would be way too easy to see that perfectly posed child in the picture and wonder what you are doing wrong with your screaming child. Or, as I have seen happen before, it would be all too easy to put unrealistic expectations on your child.

I have seen mother’s who don’t allow their children to be kids anymore, all for the sake of appearances. Kids are made to have fun and make mistakes and mess and just enjoy life. Taking pictures of your kids in posed positions and perfect clothing and having them be exposed to the ridicule or even the sometimes unhealthy overly done compliments of strangers is not in their best interest.

I don’t want Madi exposed to that kind of lifestyle just yet. I know I can’t keep her away from social media forever but for now I just want to keep her grounded and let her enjoy being a kid while she can.